Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Life is too short to waste. Appreciate things around you. I appreciate the beauty of rose the most..

Red Rose Red Rose
Which is a sweet scent to the nose
So soft and smooth
It makes my heart move
Red Rose Red Rose
Which makes a good pose
That I like to hold
Red Rose Red Rose
Which the wind blows
As each day goes
Red Rose Red Rose
Which grows and grows
It's my favorite kind
That it sooths the mind
Red Rose Red Rose
That it helps sooth my soul

How to set Table for basics

Kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk menghias,to set up a table what u need are:
  • Plates.
  • Glassware.
  • Silverware.
  • Napkins.
  • Maybe a candle or two.
  1. Step 1
    Basic setting.
    Basic setting.

    This is appropriate for most occasions, and you just add to the basic pieces as needed.
    1) Place the dinner plate in the center of the place setting and place everything else is around it.
    2) The flatware is arranged around the plate in the order in which it will be used. To the left of the plate is the fork. To the right of the plate is knife and spoon. The knife is placed to the right of the plate with the sharp edge toward the plate. to the right of the knife is the spoon.
    3) A glass of water goes above the knife.
    4) Napkins can be placed under the forks or on the plate for an informal setting.

  2. Step 2
    Informal setting.
    Informal setting.

    Simply start with a basic setting and add to it.
    1) If you are serving a salad, the salad fork is placed to the left of the dinner fork.
    2) If you are serving soup, set the bowl on the plate and a spoon to the right of the beverage spoon.
    3) Salad or bread and butter plates go to the left of the forks. Position butter plates above with the butter knife placed across the plate.
    4) Cup and saucer go above the spoons with the handle toward the right. Wine or water glasses can be positioned to the left of the coffee cup.

  3. Step 3
    Formal setting.
    Formal setting.

    Begin with the setting for an informal dinner and add to it.
    1) If serving white wine, use a glass for white wine, if serving red wine, use a glass for red wine. Place the wine glass as well as a water glass to the left of the coffee cup.
    2) The beverage, soup and/or dessert spoons are to the right of the knife or can be brought to the table when soup or dessert is served.
    3) To dress it up even more, place a charger under the dinner plate.

  4. Step 4
    Table is set.
    Table is set.

    After you have finished the table setting, stand back and look at it, walk around the table looking at everything. see! You did it and it looks great, now you can breath again and spend the rest of the time getting ready for your guests. Have a great dinner.

copied from e.How.com