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How to make a cozy home

Teratak Merah is a house with simple deco and cozy, its a place where people can come and hang around... here are tips to make a cozy home..

How to Make a Cozy HomeBy Kendall Olsen, eHow Member
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If you want a cozy home, there are a few simple steps you can take to get their easily. Regardless of your personal style or taste, making a cozy home is a relatively easy thing to do.
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*Alter your lightingLighting is probably the single most underrated thing you can do to improve your home. Many people don't realize how important a role good lighting plays in their decor. Lighting has the ability to soften edges, add warmth, and highlight parts of your house. Too little lighting can make things depressing or cold. To make sure lighting is cozy, check your overhead lights. If you are using a bright overhead light, consider changing the cover or the entire fixture. Frosted glass, amber glass, and paper shades can all reduce the harshness of lighting. Table and floor lamps are also extremely important to creating a cozy home. Use a table lamp in the corner of your kitchen counter, tucking the cord behind some appliances or a utensil jar. Table lamps also make a nice addition to the bathroom on an etagere or toilet tower. Use a small lamp and make sure you have a GFCI outlet when using lamps in the bathroom. Paper lanterns add understated light to areas of your home without requiring hardwiring, so they are a good cheap fix for poor lighting.
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*Soften your home
Soften the edges of your house to make a more cozy atmosphere. Use curtains or valances to hide the edges of windows and casings. Use mounds of pillows on beds, chairs and sofas, and be sure to drape afghans or luxury throws over the ends of beds and the backs of sofas. Rugs can help warm up a hardwood floor--the plusher the rug the better.
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*Change paint
Warm and pastel tones help make a house cozy. When choosing paint, choose colors with yellow undertones to add warmth.
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*Add cottage style touches
Shabby chic or cottage style can work to make a home cozy. Paint furniture white--and don't worry about sanding it first! The great thing about cottage style is that things with an old and battered appearance reign.
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*Hang fabric Soften walls by hanging quilts, cloth wall hangings, or curtains on your walls. (Even if there's no window there, you can hang a curtain rod on a wall and add velvet panels to give a cozy feel behind a bed or couch.)
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*Add homemade items
Homemade items make a house more cozy. Be sure to display personal pictures, children's artwork, and vacation mementos. A wall of pictures in solid frames can make a fabulous wall. Don't worry about symmetry--hang pictures at a variety of heights and include a lot of them. A busy wall is a cozy wall. All add to a warm and cozy living space. Plants and fresh flowers always work to make a home more cozy.
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*Visually lower your ceilingsAlthough high ceilings continue to be popular in new homes, they can make a cozy home impossible to come by. Think twice before purchasing or building a home with high ceilings--it is much more difficult to bring the room in to a cozy level. If you have high ceilings, make sure you have plenty of curtains to cover large windows and extra table lamps. Lower a chandelier to a few feet above your head to bring the ceiling down a bit. Using a few simple tricks like these can make your home

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