Friday, December 10, 2010

Birthday Wani

On the 3rd of Dec ari tu birthday Wani. Wani , sorry Mama tak sempat nak upload gambar b'day Wani. Anyway Hope u'll have good things coming..Tadi cari camera tak jumpa lak.. nanti mama letak gambar kemudian..ekkk. Anyway kat bawah ni ada poem untuk Wani..

Happy Birthday, Dearest One Happy birthday, dearest one,

Sweet child of my heart!

We've become one family,

Of which you are a part.

And so I sing out equally

To all of those who are Mine by blood

or fortune blessed, No more, no less my star!

We are one in love and joy,

In fondness and in worth,

And so as one we celebrate This day, your day of birth! ..